Frozen Fantasies
Strawberry Smoothies
Peach Smoothies

Chocolate Mocha Mudslides

Cordials / Liqueurs
After dinner drink or mixed with coffee
Chambord (Raspberry)
Sambuca (Black Licorice)
Kahlua (Coffee)
Amaretto (Almond)
Grand Marnier (Orange)
Frangelico (Hazelnut)
Southern Comfort (Peaches)
Jamison’s Irish Whiskey
Bailey’s Irish Cream 

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Fresh Ground & Brewed Arabica Coffee Beans

Coffee Bar with Server:  4 hours

Flavored Syrups

Raspberry, Caramel, Hazelnut

Chocolate, ​French Vanilla

Assorted Gourmet Teas


Any Flavor



English Toffee, French Vanilla

featuring Chique Catering by Chef Harry

Gourmet Coffee Station Menu